Ozzie Gets Well Enough to Leave Hospital With Reiki

Alethia kissing Ozzie hair blowing


My dogs are my life, and I would do anything for them. 

Recently one of my dogs was in critical condition in an ER veterinary hospital for days.  For days, his outcome was unknown and serious.  I was beside myself. 

Through dog rescue, I’ve known Linda Troup for years.  I’ve learned a lot from her about non-traditional healing, and I was overjoyed that she agreed to do long distance Reiki on Ozzie, my Frenchie in the ER hospital.  She did it for two nights in succession, and lo and behold, he turned around and was home within two days

Linda included me in the second Reiki session, and I am forever grateful for the positive difference she made for our family.  I’m now a firm believer in the positive healing that Linda has a very special gift for. 

I thank her from the bottom of my heart for helping Ozzie to heal. 


Alethia Brown

Everything I Needed To Know Was Answered In An Instant


I was in desperate need of help for my sickly 13 week old pit bull pup, Mac. As i was browsing the web for answers i came across the website TouchNPaws.com, i sent out a question and BOOM just like that i get an answer. Linda provided me with much needed information. With the little information i provided , Linda informed me that my puppy may have Megaesophagus. I read the symptoms and yup, sure enough, that is exactly what my little guy has, Megaesophagus. Everything i needed to know was answered in an instant and she also provided us with resources to help along the way. Thank you so much Linda, Mac and the Trejo family really appreciate everything! :)

Marisa Trejo

Lavender and Frankincense essential oil

FLOWERS 053.jpg

Mecca had a cracked nail on her left paw, the crack in the nail was back to the paw pad of the toe. We had to go to the vets office to have the nail cut off. That evening I started applying Lavender Essential oil to the nail to promote healing per Linda's recommendation. Thankfully it healed up in days with out infection or issue.

I have used Frankincense on her via the petting method as well to promote normal cell growth. Mecca has thyroid issues and leaky bladder issues steaming from after she was fixed, and a reaction to prednisone. So thankful for Linda's insights and direction using essential oils in combination with our vet for preventive measures and hand in hand western medicinal and holistic approaches to keep my girl healthy!

Leisa Wilson

Teaching Across The World

I use your massage technique on body and ears of both my dog and cat. They love it and go all limp. Your videos are great.


Hansje Kalff

Distance Reiki Saves Josie's Life


Josey, my French Bulldog, had a flare up of IBD that was going on for months.  Traditional medicine didn't work and we had switched to a homecooked diet and supplements and while she improved, she wasn't "back to normal".  In early August, Linda offered to do some long-distance Reiki and I asked if Josey could be included.  While she was better, this episode of IBD had lingered on much longer than previous episodes.  So Josey was included in Linda's long-distance sessions on Aug. 4, 9, 16, 23 and 31st.  On the 31st Linda e-mailed and said she was about to begin her long-distance session.  I replied that Josey seemed to be turning the corner and thanked Linda for including her.
On September 4th, she began vomiting and vomited up a large amount of what appeared to be cloth.  Off to the ER vet we went and determined the cloth was actually gauze.  The vet tech and ER vet were astonished to see the amount of gauze that she had vomited, but she seemed to be stable and was keeping down water, so the ER vet said to watch her carefully and come back if there was any change.  Later that evening she passed another large amount of gauze during a bowel movement with a little help from mom.
I had surgery in May and was using gauze during the month of June to wrap my ankle, so we believe this could have been inside of her for 2 to 3 months.   We were on vacation the week before this incident occurred and although she was with us on vacation, we were at the beach large parts of each day and out each evening doing vacation stuff.  If I had not been home with Josey when she vomited, she would have aspirated and died.  If she had not passed the material in her intestines, she would have required emergency surgery and at 10 and a half years old, she may not have survived.
Somehow her little body had the energy and wherewithal to rid itself of this foreign material after being in there for goodness knows how long.  I remembered Linda e-mailing about starting her Reiki session on August 31st and asked her if she had a record of the Reiki sessions she had done on Josey's behalf.   When she replied, I was stunned to learn that Linda had also done a Reiki session on September 4th -- the day all this happened.   Josey had a total of six sessions of Reiki, including the September 4th session.  I will be eternally grateful to Linda for sending healing energy to my little girl -- she may have just saved her life....

Sally C.

Sally Curatola
Cherry Hill, NJ

You Even Helped this Little Girl and You Didn't Even Know Her - You Educated Me and I Used it

My oldest son, Peter, has been concerned for some time that I have two senior dogs and from time to time has been checking internet sites for the different German Shep rescues - just to see what he could find. Well, he found the most beautiful 1 yr old doll and we both fell in love with her. So, I went up to L.A. and picked her up on Dec 15th. When night came -  she started breathing strangely. Took her to my vet next day and they said she had pneumonia. The Xrays also showed she had Megaesophagus - which was why she had pneumonia. She was a plush G.S. and we didn't notice how very thin she was. She couldn't have been eating much (what was wrong with that rescue? Didn't they notice any of this??). Further Xrays showed she was also missing a hip socket on one side.

I was told that many dogs have survived this disease by eating standing up etc. esp. if she was not born with it. Only a blood test would show that and -  with the holiday - we had to wait for the results. In the meantime, she was in the hospital on oxygen and then out again,  then in again.

I have to be honest with you -  this was hell. But I would not give up hope. She was in pain but they could not give her pain meds as this could suppress her breathing even more. THANK GOD AND YOU FOR THE OILS!!  I could see them helping her be more comfortable - it hurt her to breathe and  the antibiotics were not working. We tried several. But the oils helped. I KNOW they did.

Then Christmas day - she became critical. I raced her over to the emerg. vet hospital and they advised the pneumonia had become severe. She stayed the night and I drove her back over to Acacia in the morning. They said the blood work had come back and the prognosis was bleak. Even if we could get her through this crisis, she would get it again and again - even by drinking water - that she would cough up and then go into her lungs.

Linda, her suffering was awful. Gasping for air, couldn't eat (we had her on I.V.'s for nutrition and antibiotics) and nothing was working. I fought so hard but...Everyone at Acacia helped me fight too for her life.  The Drs. finally said I should let her go.
So, two days ago - the 26th - she passed away in my arms - knowing she was loved and wanted and cherished.

My son, Peter, is so upset about this. He wanted to give me joy and that's not what happened. I begged him to please remember - his intention was gold.  I only had her for 12 days but I would not have missed being with her. AND the good that came out of this is that she was home with us and did not die alone on a cold cement floor (the rescue did not have a heater and it was in the high 30's at night in L.A.).

Linda, you will never convince me that you were not with me through all of this even though you did not know what was happening. I could feel you. I did not want to tell you about this as I felt you would be hurt for all of us and I wanted your holiday to be the best it could be. Please forgive me if I was wrong.

Steese and Holly are OK. They saw me crying a lot and that upset them. However, after she passed, I was never so happy to see them as when I came back from the hospital that day. I appreciate them so much more. That's something else good that came out of this.

I also told Pete that we did a good thing - we did a good job - and frankly, I don't know why else we're here.
My best, as always, to you, Steve, the Frenchies, and all the dogs you give such loving care to,,,now and in the future,

P.S. You even helped this little girl and you didn't even know her. But you educated me and I used it. Bless you.

Kirchy Prescott
Escondido, CA

Tumor & Hematoma Sizes Reduced With TTouch

When I first met with Linda, Gertie’s tumor and hematoma surrounding her tumor was about 4 inches across and about three inches deep. It was growing at an alarming rate and I believed Gertie’s days were numbered.

Gertie - BeforeThere was incredible pressure and build up from the blood flowing to the hematoma and I was afraid it would eventually rupture. Not to mention, Gertie is a 7 lb dog, and that was a lot of weight on the side of her poor little head.

Linda showed me the Raccoon and Tiger touches to help reduce the swelling of Gertie’s hematoma. I also put her on a stricter diet at that time to try to starve her tumor of any sugar, so it couldn’t continue to try to grow.

Gertie - AfterWithin one week, Gertie’s hematoma was softer to the touch, instead of hard like a firm plumb. Within three weeks, it was down to the size of a flattened, green grape.

I’m very grateful for Linda’s help and believe that the TTouch gave us some time and helped relieve the pressure of the build up of blood around Gertie’s tumor and promote healing in the area.

I also believe that the touches to the rest of her tiny, senior body just make her feel better all around. I look forward to continuing to work with Linda to make sure my dogs remain healthy and comfortable. Gertie and I are profoundly grateful for TTouch!


Lee Anne Galasso

Linda Has a Great Knowledge Base, and Responds to Questions so Quickly

Linda has been so helpful as a resource on how to use essential oils treat my French Bulldog’s allergies and my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s joint pain. She’s got such a great knowledge base, and responds to questions so quickly. My guys are feeling so much better because of her (and Young Living!)


Molly Bradenberg
Portland, OR

TTouch is About Connection and Awareness of the WHOLE Body

CoopToday concluded our TTouch sessions with Linda Troup. Interesting how thinks work out since the intention was to help Camelot, but I believe Cooper benefited just as much if not more. I hope I explain this right... ;)

TTouch is about bringing sensation to areas of the body to make a connection and awareness of the WHOLE body (Holistic) for both healing and behavior.

              With that said, Cooper was quite the TTouch fan....


...which makes quite a bit of sense, seeing how his poor little body was so disconnected from itself for the first 5+ years of his life that he battled with a liver shunt, bladder stones and multiple infections throughout his body. I truly believe TTouch felt so wonderful to Cooper because it helped him to finally be one with his whole body...
Thank You Linda for sharing your wisdom, and being so compassionate and generous ♥ the C Squad gives you a 2 thumbs up!


Cathleen Stamm
San Diego, CA

Amazed With the Dogs Reaction to You and the Touch


Linda thank you so much for working with Camelot, Cooper and Carlee. I really look forward to exploring TTouch further to use on a daily basis.

What I found most amazing was the dogs reaction to you and the Touch. By the 3rd session they would melt with relaxation at the sight of you ♥.

CamiCami on the other hand is a different dog from the first session to today, and displayed so very interesting ear expressions that still have us stumped, but was extremely entertaining.    

Your love for, and dedication to helping the dogs was evident to both canine and human.

Cathleen Stamm
San Diego, CA

Paralyzed Pug Walks Again with TTouch & Acupuncture

I was fostering a sweet little pug named Lily for Pug Rescue, who had suffered disc damage to her spine. Due to a lack of medical attention for this problem, prior to her being surrendered to Pug Rescue, she had progressively lost most of the function in her rear legs. For the most part she dragged her hind legs wherever she went. When Linda heard about Lily’s condition she offered to come over and do TTouch work on her. I readily agreed as I had heard good things about TTouch.

I noticed a change in Lily’s coordination after the first session. It wasn’t a miraculous cure, but there was a noticeable difference in her ability to “sense” where her back legs and feet were in relation to the rest of her body.

She started taking more steps with her hind feet and going further before dropping over and dragging them. After a few more sessions with Linda and with me practicing the techniques Linda showed me and encouraging Lily to use her legs and go for little walks, it was amazing to see Lily happily moving around the yard on her own and even stopping to sniff the grass. In the past, she couldn’t hold herself upright and stand in a steady position without falling over, so for her to be able to just meander and sniff the yard was a huge accomplishment and you could see the smile on her face.

Lily was also receiving acupuncture treatments in conjunction with Linda’s TTouch and I believe these two modalities made a world of difference for Lily and helped her regain a substantial amount of mobility. She can now go for short walks and is one happy little pug.

Thanks Linda!



THANK YOU for Sharing and Being Such a Wonderful Teacher!

Wow Linda! I am SO excited about this new Training Academy group!! Not only to learn more about oils, but also which essential oil toothpaste is the best to brush my dog’s teeth! THANK YOU for sharing and being such a wonderful teacher!!!


Tara Wilding-Herndon
Shaw Island, WA

I’ve Learned So Much I can Now Research on My Own

Linda turned me on to a few custom blend essential oils for my two dogs, both who are seniors and both with conditions needing a little extra support above and beyond traditional medicine!

Since then I’ve learned so much about the Young Living Essential Oils that I now am able to research and identify oils I can use on my dogs, as well as myself, during various situations that arise. Can’t wait to see the Guide for using Everyday Oils with Dogs!


Escondido, CA

Continues to Guide and Share her Wealth of Knowledge Freely

I just want to thank Linda for starting me on this wonderful path of essential oils. I was a total novice but wanted to make my dogs healthier (and me) and not hurt them through my ignorance. Linda continues to guide and share her wealth of knowledge freely- she is a remarkable lady


Jen Logan
Fairfax, VA

Thank You For Always Being There For Me

Oh Sunny! (Linda Troup's Nickname)

What would I do without you?!?!? Your advice has helped me so much! Just last night my pug, Lili, was getting agitated and I needed to cut her nails. I suddenly remembered LAVENDER!! Put a couple of drops on my hands then petted Lili. She relaxed, the trimming went off without a hitch, then she promptly fell asleep so deeply she snored!!

Thank you for always being there for me, and thank you for never make me feel like my many questions are stupid. You ROCK!!


Pamela Lovell
Newport Beach, CA

I Have Opened Ever Widening Doors ... in the Field of Integrative Animal Care

Linda Troup has been a big inspiration to me in developing my “furkid” based business and website. With my training and experience as a licensed veterinary technician, and what I have learned and continue to learn through my association with Linda and through her private Facebook pages, I have opened ever widening doors for my clients, their pets, my pets, and my own development in the field of integrative animal care. Linda is an angel and a breath of fresh air! She doesn’t have the nickname of “Sunny” for nothin’! :c)


Randi Leigh
Woodland Hills, CA

TTouch for Dogs Helps Owners Participate in Cancer Care

TTouch for DogsWorking with Linda and TTouch empowered us in our fight against t-cell lymphoma.  It made me feel like an active part of Catch’s cancer treatment.  First, because it actually helped Catch’s side-effects caused by treatment and helped to minimize his stress.  Second, because it made me an actual participant in his treatment and not simply a passive bystander. 


Debra Channik
San Diego, CA

Eliminate Nasty Doggie Gas With Essential Oils

My French Bulldog Teddy has been a gasbag since he was a puppy.  I tried all sorts of commercial canned food and kibble as well as home-cooked & raw but it didn’t matter what he ate, he never went for more than a few hours without having nasty gas that could clear a room.  

I have no clue how or why putting a few drops of oil on his skin could work, but from the very first dose of Gas Buster Teddy’s gas problem literally disappeared.  The only time he has had gas since he started on Gas Buster was when his mommy accidentally missed a dose.  Gas Buster really works!

Kim S
Pensacola, FL

Essential Oils Helps Resolve Anorexia in Dogs

Escondido Humane Society

Romeo came to the shelter several months ago.  He had been found roaming the streets of Poway with his friend Juliet and they were both skinny, sick and tired.  Needless to say, we began caring for both of them immediately but unfortunately they got separated.  Through the diligence of a volunteer, they were reunited and the healing process for Juliet began. 

However, Romeo was not doing well.  He continued to be lethargic, taking a turn for the worse, not eating and feverish.  At this point, I asked Linda Troup to assist in any way she could.  She made Romeo his own batch of oils, which I massaged 4-5 drops of oil into his neck and chest, morning, noon and night.  This in combination with the medical assistance provided to him at our shelter, started to bring our boy around, the essence of the oils, the smells, the physical massaging of the oil into his skin, it worked. 

He is doing well now, playing with Juliet, eating rice and chicken very well, and today, he found his forever home, with Juliet, and a wonderful family.


Escondido Humane Society
Escondido, CA

Essential Oils for Demodex Mange

I just wanted to say thank you, Linda, for helping Walt Wizney!  When Walt came to me he was covered with open sores from Demodex and had the accompanying bacterial and fungal infections. 

Although Walt was treated with conventional veterinary medicines, I believe that the essential oils that were mixed for him was the key to his rapid healing and hair regrowth.  The oil really seemed to sooth his skin and the speed with which he has healed has amazed everyone, including his vet!

Before - 06-15-2011

After -  08-02-2011

Karen McCarty
Festus, MO

Transformed From a Scared Disabled Labrador Puppy Into a Confident Loving Butterfly

AuroraAurora, an approximately 1-year-old female Labrador came to the Escondido Humane Society in the beginning of Sept 2010. She was evaluated by veterinary care and it had been determined that she had a traumatic head injury some months prior to her arrival at the EHS. She had severe equilibrium issues, blindness in one eye, and hearing difficulty, only hearing high pitch sounds on occasion.

When she arrived she could not stand and balance her body on her own, she would spin and fall. She had to be carried outside and held up to potty, to eat and could not walk without stumbling into something or falling down, and was extremely fearful of new surroundings.

Linda gave Aurora TTouch therapy at the shelter.  I took her into my home as a foster dog and continued to work with Linda over a 6-month period. Aurora made incredible progress. She is now completely potty trained, eats 2 meals a day on a regular schedule standing on her own, and loves to be in the company of her humans. Her favorite game is fetch; she will bring the ball or toy back to you as many times as you would like to toss it for her.

She still circles on occasion when she is walked on a leash but continues to thrive in life just as any other loved and well cared for dog. Aurora is a very special, happy dog, with an amazing energy that will warms the hearts of everyone she meets.

A true puppy at heart and play, she has been adopted into a loving forever home were she has 2 doggy sisters to play with and a human mommy and daddy who love her very much.

Aurora’s transformation from that scared disabled Labrador puppy into a confident loving Butterfly would not have been possible if Linda had not stepped up and helped her come out of her cocoon. Thank you Linda for selflessly stepping up and continuing to help Aurora and give her a second chance at life and her Happily Ever After


Elizabeth T
Escondido, CA

Great Relief for Senior Pug

Susu I wanted to let you know how much our darling Pug, SuSu, enjoyed her time with you. Thanks to all your talents, she is walking better now.  She always LOVED the time she got to spend with you and we will continue to use the oil formula you created for her.
You truly have a gift and SuSu was able to greatly benefit from your healing touch and gentle ways.  She was always so relaxed after her sessions with you. I am certain that your treatments gave SuSu great relief.
Thank you so much.
Jan Hickerson
San Diego, CA

From Anxious Dog Raised to Be a Fighter - Now a 100 Pound Lover

EsmeJust a note to update you on Esme' who has become a much happier puppy since her first session with you two years ago. She has really come into her own since I have been practicing the techniques you worked with us on. You might not even recognize her as the anxious dog that someone tried to use to raise fighting dogs and then sent to shelter hell. Instead of cowering, she is happy to meet everyone (her manners still could be better, not everyone wants to be licked clean by a 100 lb dog), is willing to protect her yard from the wildlife (on the other side of her fence)  and is ok with other dogs, when a slower introduction is used. Bouncing up to meet her is ok, but just expect a rough and tumble recess, as if she was the puppy she never got to be, instead of 4 years old now.
Esme' is quite attached to her 'sister' and has told SophieAnna all about Tia Linda. Here is a photo of them when I told Esme' I was going to let you know how everything is going. Obviously they're waiting by the door for you to come on over.
Have a marvelous spring, and if you ever get this way, know you have a place where you will be welcomed with woofs and puppy love.
We all miss you,
Margaret Espinoza
Vail, AZ

Senior Poodle Finds Comfort With TTouch

ShadowI just wanted to let you know how much BJ and I appreciated your work with Shadow.  The TTouch seemed to relax him and take some of the stress out of him.  I think he wasn’t dealing well with the aging process.

Your gentleness and confident hand worked wonders.  I’m just sorry that I didn’t recognize sooner the cause of his illness as the turkey jerky.  But your TT sessions helped lessen some of the issues he was having.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your time, talent and tenderness.  


Georgene Jansen
San Diego, CA

Owner Empowered to Help Her Own Dog

AbbyLinda provided such amazing, personalized care for my injured dog, Abby. Not only did Linda help my dog recover, she also empowered me to better care of Abby. I learned a great deal from her during her visits and am forever appreciative.

Dawniel M
Carlsbad, CA

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